Lawsoft, Inc.

Hackensack PD, New Jersey

We have been using LawSoft since July 2010. We are a larger agency and have found Ron and his team be very responsive. As we continue to grow and find areas we want to address, they have always been quick to respond with a solution. We continue to expand on its use and our officers have found it to be mostly easy to use. The small issues we have encountered are mostly due to ‘pilot’ error and once they are addressed we find the whole program and system delivers a sound quality product.


-Tomas J. Padilla
Chief of Police
Hackensack Police Department

Westfield PD, New Jersey

A decision to change a police department’s CAD/RMS software is one that is not done lightly. Like many Departments, we had been with the same software vendor for over twenty years. Our primary concern was the potential loss of data when switching software. We decided to go with the “new” version of our existing software to avoid this issue. What we encountered was an overly difficult program that our officers in the field could never use. Our Software platform was split into three separate systems, and reports were always being “uploaded” and “downloaded” from one system to the next. We were promised a “seamless” transition, but in truth the program never worked right, and much of our previous data was unavailable. When we complained to the vendor we were told it was “user error” and that we had to properly train our people. Then we were told that we had to list all of our complaints in a “web portal” and the vendor would no longer provide direct telephone based support. The vendor would then cancel the web portal complaints and send them back with no solution. We were told repeatedly that our problems would be fixed “in the next version” or that they had “been forwarded to development”.

After two years of continually being put off by our software vendor, and of no resolution to our problems, we decided we had to switch CAD/RMS Software again. Any administrator who has to deal with budgets knows how difficult a decision this can be. The Lawsoft program is a simple to follow system that is the same in the Patrol car as it is in Dispatch. Every report that was promised to us in the first program was actually in Lawsoft, and was available from day one. NJTR-1 reports, Arrest reports, DV Forms, DWI Forms, and a host of others were all right there.

One of the best features is the “real time saving” feature, in which whenever an Officer leaves a data field the changes in that field are saved automatically. Any officer who has typed a multiple page report only to have it “lock up” or get “lost” while uploading will appreciate this feature. Even if the computer goes down, when you return to the report it is current up to the last data field you were in.

Our Officers in the field say their favorite thing about the program is how easy the program is to use. As an I.T. coordinator and as an Administrator I greatly appreciate the support offered by Ron Frost and the people at Lawsoft. Either by email, phone call, or text, we get a quick response to our problem. Most times the issue is fixed while we are on the phone. There have been several times when we wanted a screen customized or a feature added, and it is done right away. I don’t know of any other software vendor that would do that for a customer.

A Police Department is first and foremost about problem resolution. Your Officers need the correct tools to get the job done. The last thing they need is an overly complicated software system on top of all of their other responsibilities. Lawsoft is a program developed by a Police Officer for the needs of Police Officers. Ron Frost knows what Officers need to get the job done, and he provides it in the “Lawsoft” software.


-Captain Scott Rodger
Westfield Police Department

Totowa PD, New Jersey

We have used LawSoft at the Totowa P.D. for over five years. Their system is very New Jersey "police friendly". Ron and his staff are very responsive to any questions and/or issues that come up and take care of most problems while on the phone. The fact that many surrounding police agencies are also now using LawSoft has added to our data base of information and our ability to communicate and "network" with them. The company has close relationships with the police community and is constantly making improvements based on requests and suggestions from its customers. It is the best system our agency has had.


-Chief Robert Coyle
Totowa Police Department

Kenilworth PD, New Jersey

The Kenilworth Police Department recently signed up with LawSoft as we were looking for a new CAD system. After researching other companies and talking to other departments, I was impressed with this system and had Ron Frost meet with me. His CAD system is user friendly and my officers learned to navigate around it very easily. His accident report and diagrams make a very professional looking document. I personally have spoken to other Police Chiefs about LawSoft CAD systems and highly recommend using them. Their support is excellent and any documents I need Ron Frost takes care of right away.


-Chief Kenneth Grady
Kenilworth Police Department

Millville PD, New Jersey

LawSoft has provided the Millville Police Department with an stable, dependable product which is tailored to the needs of our department. Their customer service is second no none! LawSoft software is user friendly and very adaptable to the needs of your department.


-Detective Brian Starcher
Millville Police Department
Professional Standards Unit

Avalon PD, New Jersey

We had another vendors C.A.D. system prior to switching to lawSoft and there was no looking back, by far a great choice switching to LawSoft. The transition from one system to LawSoft was seamless and the customer service is second to none, Ron Frost is always there when you need him and when he is not available, a knowledgeable staff member will be right there to assist you. LawSoft can be tailored to fit all your departments needs and is very user friendly, Officers that were not very computer or software savvy picked up using lawSoft without a problem. Officers, Dispatchers and clerical staff wonder how we ever managed without lawSoft, it’s been a great addition to our Police Department.


-Chief William J. McCormick
Avalon Police Department

Dumont PD, New Jersey

The Dumont Police Department implemented the LawSoft Cad/ Record Management System back in 2010. Ron Frost and his team intergraded our old system into their cop friendly police management system with remarkable ease. We were able to eliminate duplication of reports and build a fantastic data base. The self-population of information in all the forms helps save time and money. The program enables us to utilize all our reports from our patrol vehicles which also eliminate the need for officers to come to headquarters. I can truly say that the training, service and cooperation are excellent. I would recommend this product to anyone that called.


-Lt. Thomas McKeary
Dumont Police Department

Kinnelon PD, New Jersey

When I was first hired back in the late '80's, our records management system consisted of UCR cards, detail cards and of course handwritten L.E.I.R.S. reports. Apparently, this R.M.S. did not change much since the police department's inception. Back in 2000 our department splurged with a computer based system that was definitely an improvement but the data was not easily recoverable or as user friendly as we would like. I knew of Lawsoft, but was not in a position to change our R.M.S. until I became Chief in 2003. I was hesitant to consider Lawsoft for several reasons. The first was the size of his company compared to the "Big Names" in the business, the second was that he was a police officer and how good could the program be? I also considered the cost, again if the system was so good, why was it so cost effective compared to the "Big Names"? Once I'd seen the demonstration, all of my questions were answered. His system is so user friendly; my 10 year old could use it. The ability to adapt the program to our specific needs was an option that other companies could not provide. The budget constraints I faced were not a consideration since they offered a flexible payment schedule. And finally, the 24/7 service has been beyond my expectations. During the past several years, I have asked for numerous changes to the system. Each time I make a request I get the same answer "No Problem". What better support and flexibility could one ask for? LawSoft consistently updates our system and continually tweaks whatever changes I request. I highly recommend not only LawSoft R.M.S. to any and all police departments regardless of size or budget constraints but more importantly I recommend LawSoft as a company committed to excellence and service. Who better to know our needs than one who lives it on a daily basis?

-John G. Finkle, Chief of Police
Borough of Kinnelon Police Department

Far Hills PD, New Jersey

The Far Hills Police Department has been using Lawsoft for just over one year. We have used all aspects of the system now and can say that it is more than what we expected. Data entry is so easy for anyone yet captures all of the vital details we need in law enforcement reporting today. Upgrades are made to the system with no down time to the police department. Everything from the professional looking reports, graphics, mugshots and investigative/crime scene photographs, NJ Crash Reports, In System Crash Diagrams, firearms, evidence tracking, sex offenders, CAD, RMS and all of the customized-personal settings for our department have made me know that Lawsoft was the best choice for Far Hills Police. Our newest upgrade to mobile reporting now integrates all of this information in headquarters with the officers on the road. There is practically no learning curve-it is that simple. Thanks for all of the hard work you have put into LawSoft, I look forward to years of service with you. I did the research and Lawsoft is the answer. Trust me, you will not receive personal customer service like this from any other company. LawSoft has been one of the best upgrades to Far Hills Police in the history of the police department. Call me- I typed this and I stand behind this product.

-Chief Ken Hartman
Far Hills Police Department

Haledon PD, New Jersey

I am a Detective from the Haledon Police Department, I recently took over my computer system for our cad system for in house computers. We had a cad system in place for many years. We were in the process of looking for a new cad system. I have inquired and was able to look at many systems by a variety of different vendors. I then came across LawSoft. This was by far was the best system I looked at. It was user friendly had everything and more a Police Department needs. It is very reasonable in price, less then it's competition. The help desk you get is incredibly helpful. All have knowledge of the system and always answer the phone. We have had the system for about two months now and all my patrol units know the system. They have no difficulties with using the system. I would recommend this system to anyone. At any time the patrol division or I came across any problems, I would contact LawSoft and the problem would be rectified by the end of phone call.

-D/Lt. Chris LeMay
Haledon Police Department, New Jersey