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NCIC GREEN - Now Compatible with CJIS-M

Never Miss a Hit Confirmation Again!

NCIC GREEN has eliminated the need for continuous NCIC/CJIS message printing and instead redirects incoming messages to a secure searchable database driven application. Personnel will read and acknowledge messages unless printing is actually needed. Priority messages such as 10 minute respond messages, hit confirmations and any agency specific messages will automatically pop open and sound an alert tone to ensure these messages are read immediately. Multiple workstations will each receive messages and communicate with each other to determine who acknowledged the message first. A separate and secure audit application tool called NCIC GREEN Lookup will allow users to search messages based on multiple types of criteria including keyword searches.

Until now you had no choice but to watch your printer eat at your budget with endless printing from your NCIC terminal? That time has ended!

  • State of NJ approved!
  • Paperless CJIS messages and no additional hardware!
  • Multiple ORI scanning and separation for dispatch centers!
  • Easy to use T.A.C. audit tools ensure accurate accountability!
  • User defined criteria allows for various easy message searches!
  • Priority alert pop-ups ensure instant responses for priority Messages!
  • BETTER price and MORE functionality than any of our competitors!

Nearly 120 Law Enforcement Agencies in the Northeast are using NCIC GREEN! NCIC GREEN eliminates the need for continuous NCIC printing and instead publishes messages into a secure database that allows messages to be read, searched, archived and audited. If printing is actually required an audit will show when and by whom. All departmental computers can have access to messages for alerts or administrative purposes.

NCIC GREEN - The #1 NCIC/CJIS Messaging software in New Jersey and also the original and leader in this technology!

Go GREEN and Save GREEN!