Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) with AVL (Auto Vehicle Location)

Created from the Law Enforcement Officer’s perspective all of the LawSoft modules offer the simplicity and ease of use that allows officers easily perform their duties rather than being expected to navigate through cumbersome and confusing software systems.

Dispatch: Manage calls for single or multiple jurisdictions with LawSoft’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) module. Regional and remote agency dispatch occurs instantly at the click of a button once a call is entered. The receiving agency will be notified of the new call and begin working on the newly created CAD entry to develop any necessary reports. Dispatchers have the ability to instantly search by name, vehicle, and prior location history as well as obtain information from DMV / NCIC without leaving the CAD Status Screen. Address and resident alerts will notify dispatchers of various hazardous conditions as well as medical alerts attached to an address or person.

GIS Mapping / AVL: LawSoft GIS/AVL allows single and multi-juris communications centers to easily track their recourses over a jurisdictional GIS map. Calls for service populate the map via our integrated 911 module, or can be manually entered with a few mouse clicks. Dispatchers can make quicker decisions via our color coded CAD/AVL system that allows efficient dispatch of only available units that are closest to a call for service while tracking active calls. Viewing and coordinating the movement of multiple units on a map using visual intelligence about an area as well as seeing jurisdictional boundaries. Phase 2 cellular 9-1-1 caller information automatically triangulates coordinates on the map that instantly publish into the CAD entry for future retrieval. Map layers can easily be customized to add icons, save specific configurations for later reference and include an image of a map to send to personnel. GIS maps have local aerial photography that automatically enables determined by the elevation of view in the GIS map. Hyperlink functionality enables you to link surveillance cameras, building floor plans, and other documents or images to a map. CAD Mapping is fully integrated into LawSoft’s CAD and AVL Mapping modules, GIS functionality, and E-911 Interface. Comp-Stat call history will also overlay on the GIS map along with AVL patrol history for implementing a true directed patrol strategy in problem areas in your jurisdiction.

Key Benefits:
- Better resource management
- Faster response times
- Improve Officer safety
- E911 & Integrated DMV/NCIC Lookups
- Perfect for Single and Multi-Juris agencies
- Accreditation approved