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Today the job of a Law Enforcement Officer is hard enough without having to learn a complicated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Record Management System (RMS) in order to do their job. With the ability to easily accommodate single as well as multi-jurisdictional dispatch centers, LawSoft is a scalable software regardless of your department size.

At LawSoft, Inc. we are redefining the term "user friendly". Our system makes the task of reporting easy and effective with several features that eliminate redundant entry of information, allow simple and effective field reporting and seamless interdepartmental information sharing to name a few.

LawSoft, Inc. also brings you the most robust set of Police reports offered by any CAD/RMS software provider, thus creating a virtual paperless environment. All reports are instantly integrated into case management and ready for retrieval the second the report is completed. Administrative tools provide a various array of statistical reports that can be used to analyze crime trends, reveal problem areas within your jurisdiction, or show departmental production. These tools will also allow you to gain a bird's eye view of the concentration of crimes in a GIS based pin map or heat map to uncover geo-based crime trends in your jurisdiction. You can also plot a suspects activity to these GIS maps to gain a visual perspective on where they have been involved in any type of activity. We invite you to learn more.